The power of the word

Last night as I laid in bed about to fall asleep, a thought came to mind for a blogpost. I was thinking how powerful a word can be used in different ways to communicate its meaning in a sentence.

Take for example this phrase, which I use quite commonly now.

Creative spaced out Malaysian

If we broke it down into parts, I’m saying that I’m a creative (designer) Malaysian who daydreams. It would mean the same if I were to phrase it this way too.

Creatively spaced out Malaysian

Except, this phrase could also mean I’m a Malaysian who daydreams in a creative manner.

Now what about if I phrased it this way.

Spaced out creative Malaysian

This doesn’t say I’m a designer. Just a creative Malaysian who’s spaced out. In this context, I could also be using “spaced out” to represent “awesome”.

So this is just another spaced out thought I had before falling into dreamland. And my realization of how powerful a word can be depending how we choose to use it.