Can we trust Pos Malaysia?

The main headline of TheStar made me sick. Credit card fraud has reached a stage even involving Pos Malaysia postman! The very people responsible to deliver simple letters to wedding gifts from relatives who may be overseas.


This has diminished all my credibility of using Pos Malaysia’s services. Especially when I, myself am applying a credit card. It’s like if my bank told me they’re going to use PosLaju, I’d either tell them I’ll collect it from their nearest branch or I’ll refuse to apply a card with them.

Not to mention, Pos Malaysia has been actively advertising their PostMe service on TV. The spillover of this credibility crisis will not be overlooked by those customers. Who’s to guarantee my Ducati item will be sent to me?

I pray this Pos Malaysia incident slaps the higher-ups in the face and they think through to come up with a good solution. Otherwise, I’ll never use Pos Malaysia – ever again.