Thank you Zappos

One of my 2012 goals was to read 1 book a month because I’ve never really had the habit of reading so thought I should start now. The 1st book I finished reading was the Delivering Happiness book by Tony Hsieh. And I was so excited after reading it that I immediately composed an email to them wanting a copy of their culture book.

And what d’you know!

On the golf course, Ariel informed I got a package though it was apparently thrown in. Hmm. Anyway, I had a strong feeling it was my Zappos package!

It came!

After dinner with the family, I tore open the package like an anxious kid receiving his birthday present and found the book which contained the mysterious secrets and fetishes of the Zapponians! LOL!

Lo and behold

Here’s a look inside the book.

Inside pages of the Zappos culture book

The Zappos culture book is the curation of what everyone in Zappos feels about their internal corporate culture. I expected nothing less of this book and true to that, one of the featured items even had a crossword puzzle. Its instructions read:

2009 was a big year for Zappos. See if you can find a few of the things that happened!

I’m not sure if this still remains but if I’m not mistaken every Zapponian is given an edition of the culture book.

This gift has made me contented not only because it’s from Zappos (and we can’t order shoes from their website) but because it’s my reward for finishing my 1st book of the year! 😀