SOHO Downtime

It’s simple enough to tell people I operate from a Small-Office-Home-Office (SOHO). But when my parents decided to do something to the house ceilings, there goes my workspace. My primary workstation is temporarily suspended and I don’t carry around all my projects in a mobile hard disk. So much for a mobile office too.

I guess it’s time to consider putting all my projects into that 320GB mobile hard disk and bringing it everywhere I go. Though I’d have to work within the space of my 13″ Macbook Pro compared to my 22″ Viewsonic screen. Or, it’s time to get a 15″ Macbook Pro instead – ouch.

Also, I now understand to become a full mobile office, I’d need to subscribe to a mobile Internet provider. This temporary suspension proves it in my line of work. Unless I decide to haul my workstation either to my nearby cousin’s place or my partner’s place. LOL!

And speaking of upgrade, I’m now considering my next workstation to be powered by an Intel i7 Core or an iMac with 27″ goodness. Cost wise, I know my PC workstation would be a cheaper option – hardware and software. But I guess, I’ve other priorities which may need the funding right now.

Well, hopefully downtime ends soon and I won’t miss an episode of my anime, I mean work. 😛