Readjusting fate and having friends with benefits

Well, it’s Christmas eve and I hope everyone has gotten their gifts under the tree, cookies and milk on the table along with the booby trap to snag you a Santa Claus for the morning tomorrow. 😉

Readjusting your fate

Me and Ariel pretty much spent our afternoon indulging in movies with not watched. The first of it was The Adjustment Bureau which is your modern day story about fate and bringing to reality the plan which God has for all of us.


The storyline made it very much believable. Even if it was fate, chance wasn’t controllable and it could happen because we as humans did things on impulse. Quite a clever movie if you ask me.

Bonking the friend because you can

I don’t believe it’s a common thing in our Asian culture. The phrase friends with benefits relates to the non-committing relationship you may have with a partner. And I don’t recall this movie being in Malaysia. I guess it could be due to the scenes of sex and excessive nudity in a portion of the movie. Now, before you go looking for it, consider if you’d like to see Justin Timberlake’s ass.


I’d consider this movie your classic romance comedy where boy meets girl, they start feeling for each other, breakup and then later officiate their relationship.

Overall, it’s just a nice movie to be enjoying over the long weekend.

Merry Christmas everyone. 🙂