Financial freedom for only RM59

The car service yesterday took unexpectedly longer than expected. It took an additional hour or so. Resulting in being caught in the downpour, wetting the front of my pants, a new sweater and yes, a late lunch.

Me and Ariel initially wanted to have lunch in Taman Mayang. It’s where I get to enjoy my favourite wan tan mee. However, most of the stalls were closed by the time we got there. Not to mention once again, it was a really heavy downpour and winds were strong. The walking under an umbrella from the car park to the shop and back to the car park again resulted in a very wet situation. For my shorts.

No thanks to the wind. I was also feeling shivery from this. As I was trying to dry off with a hand towel, I wished I had like a larger one in the car.

Having to drive elsewhere to look for lunch. We contemplated between Centrepoint, Atria and Tropicana City Mall. I made a final decision for Tropicana because Centrepoint wouldn’t have parking and there’s nothing really to eat at Atria.

When we arrived at Tropicana, I was still feeling shivery and it isn’t much help when the air flow breezes at you as you walk into the mall. And I told Ariel, “I feel like just walking into a store and buying myself a jacket.” I did just that.

Walked right into Bossini to the back where I saw a jacket. Pulled out the price tag of the sweater and saw it was RM149. Definitely pricey until the salesperson updated me it only costs RM59 now.

Without another thought, I pulled the M-size off the hangar which fit me nicely. Paid over the counter and told the guy, “I don’t need a bag cause I’m going to wear it now.”

In my whole life, I’ve not done such a thing before. If this was buying on impulse, it sure was a damn good experience. I knew what I want, I walked into the store, bought it and wore it right away.

I was telling Ariel as we walked to a Korean restaurant, I felt like I was financially free. I didn’t have to think hard of my purchase and just got it.

Not bad to feel financially free for only RM59. 😉