Drinking stages of my life

Over breakfast, while sipping my drink with oats, it occurred to me how my drinks have evolved as I’ve aged.

When I was a kid, just like any child today, my preferred choice of drink was always none other than Coca-Cola. Plus, I’d drink a 1.5L bottle in my fridge like there was no end. At every chance I got, I’d open the fridge, lift the bottle to my lips and just glug it down.

Then as I grew up, I became actively involved in sports. So naturally, my parents would always remind me to drink enough water.

At some point in my life, I think early primary school, one of my all-time favourite drinks was Milo. Being a very young and naive kid, oblivious to marketing and advertising, I only drank a lot of it because it tasted good. Plus, at the time, every morning my Mum would always make me a cup before I head off to school. Thanks Mum.

Weirdly enough though, when I tried Milo in Australia, it tasted rather different than what we got here. It tasted like there was missing something. Some of my friends said it was trying to be like hot chocolate.

While being in secondary school, I had cut down on my Coca-Cola intake when I found out about diabetes and how it could be a genetic trait. Since then, I’ve cut down on quite a number of sweet stuff.

Nowadays for the morning, I either enjoy a cup of Milo with Nestum or a nice cafe latte whenever I can.

Though at times, I do wonder whether I drink coffee with the perception that it would keep me awake. Or, it’s just to make me look like a grown up. Hmm…

Then once graduated to a legal drinking age, I’ve now the opportunity nowadays to indulge in classier fluids; wine.

I’m still trying to wrap my tongue around this grape drink. Though I find myself now easier telling whether or not I’m drinking cheap table wines – some really taste horrible. But a wine¬†connoisseur¬†I am not.

As for beer and hard liquor, very rarely do I touch those drinks. Maybe it’s because I’m too accustomed to wine that I refuse to drink anything else.

Who knows, by the time I’m 60, I may have found enjoyment in an 18 year old Scotch and trying be all James Bond “shaken not stirred”. Well, time will tell.