Attending my first ever K-Pop concert with Super Junior

This year I originally thought about attending the T-ARA performance. While I ended contemplating about it too much and not purchasing the tickets, I guess it was a good thing. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to afford my concert ticket to Linkin Park in Malaysia. 😛

However, my wife really wanted to see Super Junior perform and by the universe’s  will, a friend of ours mentioned having tickets to pass along because she wasn’t into k-pop so she gave it to us.

They have air-cond. Dang!

Super Junior’s Supershow 5 was at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil and it was an indoor stadium. Hence, air cond!

Fans already seated - click image for larger version
Fans already seated – click image for larger version

And seriously, this k-pop concert gave me a very good first impression of the show. Why? Because they were blardy punctual in comparison to other concerts. The show was suppose to start at 5pm and when it started, it was between 5.10-5.15pm! If it were an American band, expect to be waiting there for about 45 minutes or more.

I was also really impressed by the stage design and planned performance of the concert. Besides the raising platforms, they spent no expense to incorporate lasers, huge LED backdrop, pyrotechnics (yes, small fireworks!), bubbles and blowing of shredded paper.

This show of entertainment level for a k-pop concert made me felt the ticket you would buy is really well worth it. And it’s not easy to make someone feel this way!

This may be a Super Junior thing, but I noticed between some performances, they’d play a short video acted by some members. In my mind, I was thinking this must be used to give the members a break and give them enough time to switch between costumes. So it wasn’t only a concert, but a show.

Not to mention, it was different watching the Super Junior members interacting between each other and the fans. My observation was the group members had a really close relationship and they’d behave childishly between one another like how best friends would. I never expected to see such a thing during a concert but I must say, it makes you feel really good.

The show lasted for a good 2 hours or more. Although the encore chanting from the fans wasn’t great, Super Junior still returned to deliver a final performance and their farewell messages to Malaysia fans.

I really had a good time and enjoyed my first k-pop concert experience. Hopefully I’d be attending a few more next year and be able to witness more elaborate shows put on by other groups. 🙂