I wantz AKB0048 Season 3 Final Stage

Completed watching the Second Stage and I enjoyed the last episode the fullest. Can’t help but watch the last episode over and over again. It keeps giving me motivation and lifts me when I’m down. Thank you!


However, I hope they’re coming up with a 3rd season or Final Stage because I feel there are some questions left unanswered.

Who ordered to kill Chieri’s Dad ? Who was the killer ?

What happened to the D.G.T.O ? How is the AKB0048 battling the underground gambling on their performances ?

Can Chieri manage the Center Nova ability on her own ? Will Nagisa become Center Nova as well ?

Maybe the production company did this on purpose when they choose to continue in future. But I hope they don’t take too long. T_T

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    1. True… but i think she wil have to wait for takamina to exit AKB first šŸ™ i kind of like them both

      I was wondering seeing nagisa and mimori where both in the no name group does that mean even after succeeding all the member stay there. Will chieri be center nova of no name or of AKB0048?

      What about megumi? (the 67th generation did not really got much screening time) ,wil we see her getting another shot at preforming…. she was suppose to be on stage with the other members in season 1 but when she got injured she was out….

      I would like to see her getting a shot at becomming a succesor to.

  1. i want see akicha, paruru, lovetan, shiichan and other…
    i think in final stage, all kenkyusei (75-77 generation) will be a succeeds… like :
    kanata > takamina
    megumi > suzuki mariya (mariyannu)
    himeko ichioka > Matsui Sakiko (sakiko)
    umi dozima > Maeda Ami (aamin)
    akira shirado > chikano rina (chikarina)
    Hazuki yanagikawa > Fujie reina (reinyan)
    mizuho shirai > Kodama Haruka (harupyon)
    rie hazumi > Rena Nozawa (renachan)
    sono chieri > Kojima haruna (nyan)
    sonata > ota aika (lovetan)
    aida orine > sasshihara rino (sasshi)
    yuka ichijo > watanabe miyuki (milky)
    makoto > matsui jurina (jurina)
    suzuko > Shimazaki Haruka (paruru)

    and more planet, like a sakaestar, nambastar, hakatstar, jakastar, sanghaistar…. more kenkyusei, more character… and more IDOL!!

  2. Let’s pray so that they will able to make the season 3 of AKB0048!
    I’m already excited for the next season!

  3. Yep,I think most of us who watch AKB0048 want to have season 3!!!!
    I can’t help but watch AKB0048 season 2 over and over!!!
    Hopefully there will have season three!!!
    Please have season 3!!!!

  4. Who killed cherry’s father, is mostly assume by Des forces, regardless it is unimportant as Cherry has forgiven the person, therefore she will not search for an answer.

    Cherry has already managed center nova by herself, and Nagisa is a sucessor, while cherry suceeds under no name, therefore is just Cherry.

    The anime could end in AKB0048 Next Stage as it is complete.

  5. I agree with you on these subjects. I am hoping that they do bring a third/final season to tell us what happened to Cheiri’s father and how the center nova position is going to be a hard job to accomplish. I want to know if the other trainees in the 77th generation is going to become successors to?

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