The guy wedding planner

It’s really the little things you do which makes you feel more appreciated and proud. As humble as I can choose to be, I still have an ego to fulfill at times. 😛

For instance, me and Ariel were invited for a food tasting at Ritz Carlton previously. While seated at the table, I can’t help but notice most of our company were either brides-to-be with their bridesmaids. First thought jumped to mind, where were their grooms?

the hangover 2
Gotta love that baby

Then at a separate occasion, we were speaking to another person who also mentioned, normally it’s the brides who handle the wedding. I couldn’t really understand why is that. Or, is it really because of the whole if I, the groom, had it my way, we’d have strippers and beer challenges for our wedding. Odd.

So it was really nice to be noticed, as the groom who was doing things with his future wife. I guess that’s also thanks to the fact me and Ariel love the same theme in mind.

Now, all we have to do is cross the biggest hurdle. The venue.