Turning Three Zero

My birthday this year had been nothing but eventful and memorable. The digit of 30 aside, I’m very pleased to know that my life is filled with true friendships and relationships. I can’t thank them enough for being there for me.

My 1st ever surprise party

Seriously, I’ve never had a surprise party in my life. Not when I turned 21, not when I returned from Melbourne. Best part about the surprise was that it was thrown together by people whom I didn’t expect – my business associates.

A day before my birthday, all of them including my wife schemed to surprise me at Artisan Coffee. I only thought that we were going there for drinks since the weather didn’t allow us to go for our jogging routine. Then even when I arrived, I never thought that the orange balloons were for a party for me.

I was really stumped on how to react when everyone jumped out to surprise me. All I could throw back was a face of blur-ness. Lol. I guess that’s me.

Then, my other mutual friends started to walk in and join in the party. It was this moment I thought, I really felt blessed to have them in my life. T_T

On my birthday

I had decided to take a day to treat myself. No work. Just filled with what I wished to do.

So I started the morning with a full body massage. And then, it was off to Las Vacas for a juicy Wagyu steak for lunch. I’ve only seen the meat through the glass but never ordered it because it’s a premium meal. So I guess today was that right moment to indulge in it. And it was so awesome!


The next thing I wanted to do was catch a movie. I was looking forward to maybe watching Beautiful Creatures or Parker, but cinemas only had them at midnight. In the end, I just settled for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. It was pretty interesting and makeup was really done well. Why I noticed the makeup was that for the dark witches, they had cracked faces and it looked really well done.

When night came, me and Ariel headed to my friend’s restaurant; Top Shelf, for a dinner I organized with friends of mine. It was a great way for me to wrap up my eventful day, accompanied by my friends, filling the air with laughter and smiles.

Throwing in the towel by throwing up

Why did I go for it, I don’t know. I know I could’ve just left, but I went.

I joined one of my friends at Tom, Dick and Harry’s for 1 drink after dinner. Ariel headed back first so I went there with my 2 other friends.

Again, I know I could’ve picked a safer drink. But I guess I wanted to be adventurous that night. Or, just be plain stupid. So I got a friend to choose my drink. And to no surprise, I was to drink the legendary Graveyard. Plus, because it was my birthday, they had me drink with a bong!

Never again I tell you.. NEVER!
Never again I tell you.. NEVER!

I managed to finish the drink and hold up for awhile. But the ride home killed me. I threw up the moment I got to my house gate and threw up some more when I was inside.

Instead of the toilet bowl, I chose the kitchen sink as my best friend. Guess it was because I instinctively knew I needed water to wash it away. Ariel comforted me and asked if I needed help heading to bed. However, I waved away the option and stuck where I was. She brought over a chair for me to sit down by the sink. Thanks dear.


I fell asleep by the sink, but then woke up when my sister-in-law came home. Not noticing me as I sat up, she got a fright when she saw me sitting there. I must have had a very drunk look for her to tell that I was throwing up and I was asleep there.

I forced myself to leave the sink and head to bed. There wasn’t anything else on my mind except to crawl into bed. That was about 4-5am.

All in all, it was a great 30th celebration and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Thank you to all my family, friends and associates for making it a truly memorable life experience. 😀