Cool Ikea parents

We made a trip to Ikea today because we’ve been always thinking of getting a full-length mirror for our room but never got to do so. Thanks to one of my BNI members in real estate, I had this chance to use the gift card awarded to me – save money too. 🙂

Funny moment while we were there having lunch. Family’s kid sitting beside us came to the table, telling his Dad, some rude kid touched his butt. ROFL! I kid you not. He then was telling the parents how gay was the kid, while his parents were joking with him on how attractive his butt may have been. Lol! Kudos to the parents for being really cool.

When night came, we had a family dinner to celebrate my Dad’s coming birthday at Jake’s Charbroil Grill. They were having a steak promotion for US Kobe beef, Wagyu and Black Angus. I’ve never had a Black Angus so I decided to give it a taste – wasn’t too bad but think it was a little tough cause the thickness wasn’t ideal.

black angus steak
If it was only 1 inch thick

Though Jake’s charbroil in Bangsar isn’t an ideal restaurant for family photography, I managed to squeeze this much of creativity out.

balloon head
Ariel helped take this

The balloon was given to the birthday boy (my Dad, not me) including a mug. As much as I really appreciate the restaurants celebrating the joyous occasion with them singing, but do they have to be that out of tune?!

Restaurants who’d like to perform this act should consider tuning themselves, or at least, keep it simple and fun like what TGIF does. That way, it’ll be harder to be out of tune and it’ll still keep it fun.

Anyway, happy birthday Dad, and I’m looking to many many many more with you. 🙂