Taming the Big Bad Wolf Sale

Compared to the Big Bad Wolf Sale last year, I would have to say this year was an improvement. One of the better parts is that we didn’t have to drive all the way to somewhere out there on yonder. Thank you event organizer!

Although I couldn’t believe it, there were actually crazy persons who went to the Big Bad Wolf sale in the wee hours of the morning after 2am. 0.0 And I think one of them was my friend. Just because she said she had a hard time sleeping?! Wha?!!!! *facepalm*

We weren’t as crazy, being a Sunday and all. So we just decided to go to the Big Bad Wolf sale this year at 8am. Not that crazy, right? 😛

big bad wolf sale crowd
Pictures taken near 11-ish

Now, if you’re planning to head to the Big Bad Wolf sale, here’s my strategy of browsing. Obviously, it would only work if you’re looking at the similar genre I was browsing – business.

What I did was circle each table of books in the business section from a right to left position. Once you’re done with 1 row (because you’ll notice the next table not having business topic books), you move to the next lower table. Here’s a quick illustration of what I mean.

big bad wolf sale walking line
Once you’ve circled a table, move on to the next table and circle again

Of course, the biggest challenge of browsing only 1 section is that you’ve to be not distracted by the unrelated books on the other table, attractive lady at another table or detour from your path because there’s an OCBC credit card agent eyeing you.

Once I was done with the business section, though not taking back some books I thought I’d get, I thought to myself that I shouldn’t be just reading this genre and mix it up with novels. Problem is, I’ve not known what I like reading.

So I picked up some fiction novels, read from the beginning and flipped to a random page of the story to continue reading. I found myself falling in and out of a sleepy state. To me, this meant it wasn’t my cuppa tea. 😛

Then I paused and started thinking back about the last book I read completely – Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code. What was it about the story which made me read it. My guess was that I preferred stories with a mystery to solve.

With that thought in mind, I happened to pick up a novel by Michael Connelly, flipped to the back and found that it’s a story of a detective. Started reading a few pages in, flipped to a random page in the middle, didn’t fall asleep.

big bad wolf sale books
My haul back

Why the phreak did I buy so many Michael Connelly when I never knew what I liked reading other than business books? Well, it was only RM8 per novel, so it would’ve been a real waste to only get so few. If I found myself finishing 1 book, then it’s a bonus since I’ve got enough to keep me reading. LOL!

Besides, I only bought the titles which weren’t too old because I noticed that some were republished. So I got the ones between 1998-2002 about there.

And by the way, if you’re planning on going, make sure to bring either a luggage trolley or borrow your Mum’s market trolley (after washing it). This makes it much easier carrying your selection around than a box. Or, alternatively, use a large sling canvas bag. I saw someone using the blue IKEA bag, that works.

If there was 1 improvement I’d like to see next year; designated area for patrons to filter out their selection. This way, all books discarded before purchase are in 1 central area than having them left on tables or in boxes on the floor, disrupting others from walking.