Why am I having an AWESOME Friday morning!

Anyone can tell you it’s important to start your day positively. Easy as it sounds, it’s not easy – especially when you’ve had a rough week or because you probably woke up from the wrong side of bed. Why do they even have that phrase – wrong side of bed. Hmm…

I believe my morning awesomeness came because of the following order of events – don’t me okay! 😛

  1. My downloader speed was consistent.
  2. Completed my Jurian Beat Crisis albums which I’ve been looking for and finally have the chance to listen to their TWO full albums!
  3. Have some new movies to watch.
  4. Transferred the music into my USB.
  5. Told my fiance to have a good day at work – replying with a smile.
  6. Listened to Jurian Beat Crisis at a higher than normal volume in my car on my way to my first appointment.
  7. Started patting the wheel to the rhythm of the music.
  8. Started putting on a smile through my cruise.

And the rest they say is history. 😉 Seriously. I’m still smiling as I’m writing this and just feel an awesome energy surrounding me right now.

If you’re wondering who’s this Jurian Beat Crisis, don’t worry. Share the love!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGAcipXZExY]

In addition, I realized music which pulls me in are ones with a raw style to it. Here’s another Malaysians would remember – OAG’s 60s TV. 😉

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=So_-lBSLkKg]

I would’ve also shared another indie band; Couple. But can’t seem to find any music videos to share here. Oh well, look them up – I preferred their 1st album though.

To everyone reading this, have an awesome Friday! 😀