My mornings

Rain or shine, I like its predictability of waking up, washing up, making breakfast and seating in a space where I could turn off and observe the sights and sounds of the morning. And oh, having the precense of man’s best friend always nearby too. There’s something about these furry friends when in a quiet space, it makes you feel more “toned” down. It’s like you wish sometimes it’s really good to have a dog’s life. Or cat’s life, whichever companion you may have with you.

In our climate, I look forward when the sun don’t shine. Simply because it means cooler mornings and a better chance of me sitting back and not having to concern myself with distractions. You got to love mornings like this in life.

However, yes, there’s always going to be that lingering “but” in there somewhere. Mine would have to be the mosquito-like sound from a motorcycle with a modified exhaust. The decibels on those things are adding really badly to the noise pollution and there’s nothing us, as lowly citizens, can do about it. To be fair, this would apply also to cars with the same customization. It’s even more terrible that these modifications do not even make them go faster, just noisier. *facepalm*

Hopping back on the “good things” wagon. The quiet time I have are spent observing and flipping through Flipboard (I suppose that’s where the name came about). And I recently started taking a notebook with me, in case there were thoughts I needed to pen down while I was in my zoned out space – that’s typical what I do sometimes, but that’s for another day to share.

With all these good things, there it is again, it would have to be in moderation. Otherwise, I’m worried its good effects might wear out or eat into the time I have to be productive in doing what I love.

But yeah, I really like my mornings this way.