Wiyo Malaysia pocket wifi review

For our Japan trip from Osaka to Tokyo, we decided to try out local pocket wifi provider; Wiyo. It was a decision made because we weren’t aware that pocket wifi(s) could be rented from the Japan airport and quite frankly, I guess we were just over excited about the trip.

In its bright orange glory, Wiyo’s pocket wifi and accessories are packed into this casing.

Awesome protective case in ORANGE!

Inside the casing you’ll find the pocket wifi device, power plug for Japan, charging cable and a small manual to quickly give you the rundown on how to use the device.

Left to RIght: Wiyo pocket device, power plug for Japan, charging cable and manual

Not included in the picture is the additional powerbank we rented – Xiaomi 5200mAh powerbank. Though while on our trip, we rarely had to use it because battery life of the pocket wifi was sufficient to last the day.

Here’s a shot of all the accessories and pocket wifi device packed for convenience.

Nicely packed and protected
Nicely packed and protected

Plus, I managed to fit the rented powerbank into the case as well to ensure all the rented items were with me all the time. You can’t be too careful with these things. Especially after a shopping spree, or long walks and you have to pack up quickly due to oversleeping. LOL!

Overall, we were pleased with the performance of the pocket wifi device. If you’d like the convenience of having it the moment you touchdown, then this is an option to consider.

On the other hand, if you’re comfortable with a little of Japanese language exchange and a little patience, you could try renting a local pocket wifi device from the airport. One of the extra services you get in Japan (and Korea) is that you can mail the pocket wifi device back to the company which you rented it from. And you’ll find a post office readily available within the Japan airport. Cool, right? 😀