Taylor Swift Malaysia RED tour concert

It was a double celebration for us because not only was it our registration date, but Taylor Swift’s Malaysia RED tour concert was happening on this very day too!

From my Linkin Park concert in Malaysia experience, without a doubt, early queues formed at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Thankfully, since we arrived at around 2-3pm we were probably between the 30th-50th people in the queue for the free seating category. Not too bad la for a Taylor Swift Malaysia concert.

Attack of the zombies

The other concert I’ve attended at the Putra Stadium was the Super Junior Malaysia concert and having that to compare with this, I have to personally say the crowd control was very different.

While we were queueing early, you’d notice the line was a respected boundary where people followed. However, when word got out that we were now allowed to go in, it was chaos.

The queue broke down and everyone started rushing to the front. Mind you, this was only to the front where they were suppose to do security checks and apparently, body checks before you enter the Taylor Swift Malaysia concert.

With (I thnk) 4 security staff, they were overwhelmed by the rush of people wanting to go in soonest. At this point, bag checks were almost out of the question.

But that wasn’t the worst I’d say. Once through that checkpoint and up a stairs, only thing standing between a huge mob of fans and the 2 staff in charge of collecting tickets is the glass door of the stadium. -_-!!! To make matters even worst, there’s a large area before the glass doors for the mob to group like zombies.

Red - crowd / Blue - security & staff
Red – crowd / Blue – security & staff

Some morons who made their way up the stairs tried to find any way they could to squeeze nearer to the doors making the crowd control worst. Also, you have inconsiderate imbeciles who started pushing from the back.

And all the staff could do whilst hiding by the doors inside was shout, “Don’t push. Or we’ll not take your tickets.” *facepalm* I guess they didn’t consider that the ones pushing were behind and telling that message from the inside of the door wouldn’t reach the outer ring of people who were pushing.

Taylor Swift Malaysia concert made up for it

Once seated inside comortably, it was another round of waiting at least with some air cond now.

Less than 50% full until opening act
Less than 50% full until opening act

After “singing” the national anthem, listening to some local band (I couldn’t hear their name clearly), waiting and it started.

Though her stage here isn’t as detailed like Super Junior, she had a wardrobe which could wow the fans on the ground. On top of that, she tried to give as much contact to the fans while her security controlled the many reaching hands.

Interesting observation. Mobile phone recording wasn’t prevented during the show. I even noticed a fan whip out a prosumer camera. Kind of made me wondered whether it was because the management and artiste didn’t mind the fans doing so.

Well, one thing I really liked about Taylor’s performance was when she performed, it felt very authentic.

It’s like when you’re comfortable with someone, you can be yourself – the real character inside. This was the feeling I felt and it drew me more into her performance.

Overall, I’m glad I came for the Taylor Swift Malaysia concert and discovered the real Taylor Swift.