Host clubs and UFO catchers

We started the morning with homemade sushi and glorious clam soup made by baba (grandmother). The freshly made soup was warm with fresh clams. Truly a lovely start to our day. ありがとうね ばば。

Before we made our way to Shinsaibashi and Doutonbori, we detoured to Nipponbashi once again to hunt for Kotobukiya. This time with the help of our aunt and her car, we finally were able to locate Kotobukiya!

And guess what, we saw Danboard merchandise the moment we entered! Woot. If you didn’t know, I’ve kinda got a tiny obsession with Danboard. Lol. However though, none of us except Ariel walked away empty handed on this visit.

We then headed over to Shinsaibashi and Doutonbori. The area is famous for its night clubs, as well as hosts club. I will visit one of these places, one day, one day I tell you. 😛

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Six club #shinsaibashi #visitjapan

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Then not far away, you can walk over and snap photos with the giant king crabs or infamous “Glico man”. But first, time to eat the best ramen in Osaka.

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Itadakimasu #kamukura #dotonburi #visitjapan

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The soup was light, noodles were not under nor over cooked and pork was yums. Though the best memory I had of this place, call me weird, was the ordering process before sitting. Because what we did was order using a touchscreen near the entrance, pay, and then take a seat. That’s brilliant! Especially with the problem in Malaysia eateries where many patrons “chup” their seats before bringing their food to the table. Someone please do this in Malaysia!

Back here in Japan, we walked into a building with UFO catchers, photo machines and machines which I’m not sure what to call them. You sit at these machines, put coins and get the existing coins in the machine to be pushed down. Help me out here, okay. Lol.

My bro-in-law spent quite a bit catching a figurine because it was almost going to fall, but it still challenged the catcher’s weak arm. Thankfully, it did drop in the end and I suppose it’s the desire to not let your early efforts go to waste that makes you spend a lot on a machine once you start.

Well, next time I’ll be writing will be about a great place by the sea. Till next time. 🙂