Getting the best bang for your buck at Sushi Zanmai

こんにちは〜 fellow Japanese food eater. I was thinking to myself recently of writing this after having a meal at Sushi Zanmai. This eatery is my most common go to place for Japanese food that’s not over priced and holds a certain standard of quality.

Previously, I used to visit Sushi King often until their sushi slices (salmon, in particular) became unbearably thin to me and I decided that was it. My first Sushi Zanmai experience was at 1Utama with friends. And if I recall correctly, I was recommended the sushi Salmon Mentai (being a salmon fan). That was the turning point for me – I was instantly hooked.
This is why I might be able to advise you the best bang for your buck eating at Sushi Zanmai. Disclaimer though, I’ve not eaten everything on the menu and I like to stay consistent to some items. 😛

Let’s begin.

If I ever did manage to hold back my urge for Japanese food and only had it once in the month, my number one order will definitely be the Salmon Mentai. It used to be around MYR6 per plate, now it’s MYR7 (rounded up). If I’m on a slight budget though, I’ll settle for the Salmon sushi. That’s around MYR5 and used to be MYR4.

My other preferred sushi are the Ebikko and Chuka Idakko. The first was crab roe and second was baby octopus. The Ebikko is MYR4 per plate (used to be MYR3) and the other is MYR5 (used to be MYR 4 I think) per plate.

On the other hand, if you’re not craving for sushi, let me introduce my number one main.. Sukiyaki. I’ve shared with my wife that I believe this is the best bang for my buck on the menu because it’s around MYR 22 and it always filled my stomach – even without sushi.

Whenever I looked at the Don (rice) choices, I felt they were really overpriced now. A small Oyako Don (chicken cutlet) now is priced around MYR 12 and Yakiniku (beef) Don is around MYR 13. I do have to add my last few trials with the Oyako Don weren’t very good because taste of the chicken was bland and rice lacked enough taste.

But I’ve recently had 1 new Don which I think wasn’t too bad. This was the Chicken Karaage Don.

It was priced around MYR 20, with just the right amount of sauce covering the rice. My personal presumption though would be that a large serving might be a little overkill, as the sauce is the sweet type. So I’d settle for a small – MYR 12.

Alright. If we looked at the prices above now, you might agree too that the Sukiyaki is the best bang for buck than the Don items. Nowadays, I don’t have their ramen because I’m a little spoilt by Musashi Ramen (though much pricier, it just tastes so good).

How about you? What do you order for the best bang (and taste) for your buck?