Enter the MSI Dragon Army

I was given the chance to attend the MSI launch of their new laptop army dubbed the MSI Dragon Army. It’s been awhile since I’ve attended a press-con, computer related at that. So thank you MSI for the opportunity to be part of your event.

Now what better way to start of a post about hardware than some ladies. :p

MSI ladies in fiery red
MSI ladies in fiery red

I had a pretty exciting experience learning about the new line up of laptops. And I would be lying if I wasn’t impressed with their upcoming 4th generation Intel Core processor-based Mobile platform. Together with Super RAID and Killer DoubleShot.

The event started with the key speech by their Country Manager; Jerry Lu, thanking the media support and fans of MSI who attended the event.

Jerry Lu

Then a brief thank you message from Green Lin; Regional Marketing Manager, after that.

Green Lin

Followed by the Product Manager; Joeman Wang, who was really passionate about the new MSI laptops. In addition, what I really admired about him was because his passion came from being a gamer first then his position in MSI.

Joeman Wang

I’d say he communicated across very well because he even shared some of his personal achievements. For example, he’s a Starcraft 2 commentator in Taiwan. In my books, opening up to the audience is part of being confident. And 1 of his big dreams was.. See MSI in window display. Walk in and say to the service person before they say a word, “Shut up. Take my money.” Lol.

Before breaking, there was a Q&A for us to win prizes. I did feel quite nervous to answer and disappointed in the end because the limited edition MSI Dragon Steelseries looked sooooo super awesome! T_T And my Plantronics wire is going to be the death of me soon. Sigh. Oh well…

Next speaker up was another Product Manager; Oscar, and he was sharing more on how the new MSI Dragon lineup is also aimed not only at gamers, but designers too!


At the end of the event, we were surprised by the presence of many ladies. They were the GT girls.


And luck truly came on the day because I even managed to meet a photographer whom I’ve been wanting to meet – Hibiki. He was a really nice guy and if I were to go into photography, I’d definitely want to learn from him.

Oh yeah. Press also got a number of goodies to bring home. Thumb drive and a magic box filled with lanyard, stickers, coasters, notebook and a keychain.

Mystery box
Mystery box

All in all it was a good event and I’m looking forward to share the new MSI Dragon laptop lineup. 😉