Pursuing Happyness

Just completed watching the Pursuit of Happyness produced by Will Smith. It was one of those films for me like Paying It Forward. Relating to real life issues and what if scenarios. Except this was more about how life is when you’re living by the end of your wallet, with a son to care and what it takes for you to become happy.

It’s difficult to imagine what it would be like to lose all of what you have, when you only had a quarter of what you may have wanted.

This film to me delivered an important lesson that money (as much as we hate it at times) makes the world work. Without money, you’ve no roof over your head, you’re constantly stressed tomorrow, you’d almost do anything to make amends and it pushes you to your limits.

I know my parents have worked hard. I feel terrible having to still need their support. I worry about whether what I earn is enough. And when I was watching Chris Gardner, my only thought was “I never want to be in that situation”.

Hitting a real low

In our economical condition, where properties are through the roof, children are spending more than saving, both parents are forced to work and many graduates say it’s tough looking for a job, what would our children’s future be if we don’t start now.

Change is good. Good change is for the better.

Do you know what change is better for you?

The fucking awesome Avengers

Updated: May 8, 2012

If you’re blaming yourself for not sticking around for the 2nd credit scene of the movie, don’t be. It was nothing uber hilarious. [incoming spoiler] It’s just the Avengers sitting down eating in a quiet awkward moment.

Yesterday me and my friends decided to reward ourselves with not just an epic movie, but to be seated in GSC Premiere. Big comfy chairs with much leg space around you. With the exception that Ariel’s hot dog order was never delivered to us. 🙁

Avengers assemble!!!

One of the things the movie made me want to do is re-watch some the films again. You’ll need to remember some of the previous stories to follow a bits of the film when they reference back to it. No kidding. One of the things I was wondering is why was Black Widow so afraid of the Hulk. Hmm…

I found the best part of the movie was when the action started. From then on, it’s storyline was bang-bang-bang. I don’t mean it literally but I really liked it when the pace picked up.

Of course there was the things you’ll hear Tony Stark say. However, if you really want a laugh, here’s something to make you cry your eyes out laughing. Thanks to 9gag. 😛

It's complicated

I must say although Hawkeye wasn’t his real self like the comics – costume was purple, the movie fellows got his ability down almost perfectly with the customizable arrows.

And besides Tony Stark, I was really surprised and happy to see Hulk been given a script which made people find his character more attractive. “Puny God, phbt!” 😀

Who the hell is that next villain in The Avengers 2?!

Seriously, after the movie I was busy digging online on who that villain was at the end. Superhero films are really my thing because I grew up with a number of them. So don’t blame me for wanting to find out, urgently. LOL!

And I found my answer! Ladies and gentlemen, meet the villain.

Thanos of Titan

I’d love to be able to tell you more about him but The Avengers wasn’t a comic I followed closely. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to what maybe new characters could be introduced in the upcoming film.

As far as I can tell, superhero films are ripe for the milking now. 😛

Mirror Mirror

Man, it’s been long since I last saw Julia Roberts in a film. And man, she’s still looking good. 😀

Fanboy aside. Me and Ariel were gung-ho to catch the Mirror MIrror 12:40AM movie (yes, it was 12:40 IN THE MORNING) last night. Then we made the condition, no more midnight shows after 12:15AM. Because seriously, I too felt like waiting for this late night show was like waiting forever. Plus, there still was advertisements! T_T

Twisting the tale

My most memorable scene in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the singing 7 dwarfs. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the scenes you’ll expect in this grown up, slightly altered storyline of this version. And it’s best you know, there’s no Dopey in this movie. Nor Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Sneezy, Happy and Sleepy.

Instead, you get a witty movie with a little more sophistication in the characters and the story. In addition, introduction of new elements like Snow White’s father and the village in the kingdom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CHXHEIGb7A]

It was an alright movie. Though not one I’d shout about.

P.S.: What’s with the Bollywood music video at the closing?!

Tapping feet too

As a kid, parents called me a penguin for liking to walk like one. I’m not sure why myself but I think it was because I was mimicking Charlie Chaplin. And if you didn’t know who’s he, you can go jump off a cliff now. Seriously.

Rowan Atkinson's role model

Okay. So talking about penguins, last night I watched Happy Feet 2 with Ariel and her learning Japanese classmates. Their teacher has been only in Malaysia for less than 6 months so as hospitable Malaysians, we’ve made it our conquest to show her around including the cinema here. 😛

So how was Happy Feet 2?!

Right, coming back to Happy Feet 2. The first movie was about Mumble finding himself and returning with his identity. This continuation still focuses on Mumble, but from a fatherly figure.

And in this second movie, they’ve introduced side characters to the story. I suppose it’s to fill in for the gaps of not really focusing on Mumble’s kid. Then again, you’d want to just keep watching the little furball and want to squeeze the life out of him cause he so cute!!! 😉

Overall, it was entertaining for a family movie. It’s a movie kids should learn to appreciate from the moral lessons in it.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKWNUyTGqss]

What was the recent movie you watched?

Cars 2 Movie Review

Cars 2 is the bomb! Though me and Ariel couldn’t get normal tickets for the movie. It was still a great movie to have watched – even in 3D. Personally, I felt there wasn’t enough angles to take advantage of the 3D factor, nevertheless an animated movie was super sharp in 3D. Awesome!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFTfAdauCOo]

The start of the movie kicked off with awesome spy-like James Bond action and the soundtrack gave that added impact to it – superb. This is one of the best sequels I’ve seen this year.

Without a doubt, this movie’s going to be a keeper – like Cars 1.