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Let it go

Frozen by Disney was said by some of my friends to be the movie which had successfully brought back the magic in Disney and I read online some even said it was the right evolution for the long-time producer of children animation.

I do have to agree with the latter. And like any movie, I find the key element to make it resonate with the audience is the music.

The highlight of it all

I found this scene to be the peak of the movie. Where we see the character liberate herself, accompanied with the unleashing of her true magic and well…great music.

The more I listen to this song, the more it sings to me that it’s all good being safe. Though, don’t be afraid to let it go and be yourself.

And if you’re more into the instrumental version, you gotta check out these other 2 versions!



A Malaysia foodie trail challenge

If you’ve not heard, Malaysians totally love their food so much by the amount of meals they gobble in a day. Sometimes we got to have breakfast, after breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and even supper.

And I only recall eating this much in Penang, when my family decided to hunt for the known foodie spots like the Sisters fried koay teow, Acheh street banana leaf, Penang road chendol and much more.

Until I found this foodie trail infographic on iMoney, I feel I’ve got much more food to cover in my own country. *gasp* 0.0

Credits: iMoney

By the way, I’m a little stuck in thought when looking at the infographic again because there’s this great nasi dagang at Damansara Uptown, but it’s apparently from Kelantan.

So, is nasi dagang from Kelantan or Terengganu?

Ooh…ooh..and it’s interesting to note apparently driving is less miles compared to flying. Wha? o.0 I’m baffled. LOL!


Could it be age?

The Lunar New Year for me hasn’t been all that kind. The 1st day started with a slight temperature, slowly developing into a sore throat and now with some phlegm to be dealt with.┬áSo I suppose I had to really take a holiday on this holiday.

Maybe it’s age

When we were kids, we couldn’t help to be fascinated with simple tricks like “pop-pop”. However, as soon we became braver (and probably more crazy), cracking pop-pop with our bare hands then wanting to set off bigger and louder fireworks to lighting a TNT-like firecracker and tossing it as though it was an explosive… I did say crazy.

Alas, maybe it be age which has left me thinking now on most nights during Chinese New Year, “which crazy fellow is setting off fireworks which are overly loud (because they are nearby) at the hours some sick people need to go to bed”.

Sigh. I guess being ill during a festive season definitely pulls down your spirits in light of all the joy and laughter spreaded around.

Or, is it really just the age.


Creative spurt

Designers can very emotional beings when it came creativity. At times, we’d think of the weirdest out of the box ideas which may seem ridiculous to comprehend. Others, our mind will just be moving 2 steps ahead of our body.

Turning a paper bag into a box

While given the task today to wrap a cousin’s birthday present, the idea of turning a paper bag into a box jumped at me. And I was confirming with myself that a paper bag would be very suitable even, because the materials used for a paper bag would normally be good quality paper and it’s a little thick.

Though the box wasn’t perfect, with folded edges visible, I was still happy with the outcome and the fact I managed to turn a paper bag into a box for a present.

Ah, I do miss these creative spurts.