BNI day and a good start to 2012

It’s been a long day for me since 6am this morning. Started with substituting a member from a sister BNI chapter. I don’t necessarily dread these mornings since I get to meet familiar faces of business owners, plus you’d be surprised how high energy a group of business people can be that early in the morning. But I suppose the joy of the morning was offering my calendar to another member because she hadn’t gotten one – that was the 1 nice thing I did today.

After the morning event, I met up with Hawk to discuss Simpleet’s new direction and what we had to do in order to move forward. It’s always easy to push back things and without realizing, it would’ve been push back and back and back. So hopefully it would stop there.

Tuesdays is what I would call my BNI day. If I substituted in the morning, I’d continue to attend my official meeting in the afternoon at 3.30pm. Between moments it wouldn’t leave me with much time to do a lot. Hence, BNI day.

Once the meeting was done, my evening appointment got cancelled and I did ponder joining my other BNI friends for mamak. However, I had work to catch up on being BNI day.

Generally, I would say my 2012 goals are onto a nice start. Hooray!