Apple iPhone 4 Confirmed

The cats out of the bag after the merry-go-round ride from:

  • New iPhone coming soon
  • Someone left iPhone 4 at a bar
  • Stranger picked up iPhone 4
  • Engadget bought iPhone 4 prototype from stranger
  • Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) happened – this morning, Malaysia time.

And finally, Steve Jobs announcing the spanking new sexy glass-faced Apple iPhone 4 at WWDC. By the way, if that’s not sexy enough, then here’s the preview of the Apple iPhone 4 design video.

It’s supposedly slimmer and the new screen is kick-ass! With a spanking ability to record videos on high-definition; 720p at 30fps.

I’m really excited to have my fingers all over the new Apple iPhone 4. All because I’m still maintaining my iPhone 2G and it’s high time for me to get a new 3G-enabled mobile phone and be connected 24/7. đŸ˜€

But, I’m still reserving my final decision and going to compare with 2 awesome mobile phones. They’ll be the:

  • HTC Evo 4G
  • Apple iPhone 4

Both match up to the functions I need and can live with. So the tie-breaker will be its operating system; iOS4 vs Android.

p.s.: This is what Maxis whispered on Twitter few minutes ago.

maxis twitter message on iphone 4g

4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 Confirmed”

    1. Well, if the iPhone 4 comes first. I might just get the iPhone 4 because data migration will be much much easier from a similar brand. đŸ™‚

    1. No clue as of yet. May most likely be Maxis since they’ve a tie-up with HTC if I’m not mistaken.

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