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Putra Stdium, Bukit Jalil

Taylor Swift Malaysia RED tour concert

It was a double celebration for us because not only was it our registration date, but Taylor Swift’s Malaysia RED tour concert was happening on this very day too!

From my Linkin Park concert in Malaysia experience, without a doubt, early queues formed at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Thankfully, since we arrived at around 2-3pm we were probably between the 30th-50th people in the queue for the free seating category. Not too bad la for a Taylor Swift Malaysia concert.

Attack of the zombies

The other concert I’ve attended at the Putra Stadium was the Super Junior Malaysia concert and having that to compare with this, I have to personally say the crowd control was very different.

While we were queueing early, you’d notice the line was a respected boundary where people followed. However, when word got out that we were now allowed to go in, it was chaos.

The queue broke down and everyone started rushing to the front. Mind you, this was only to the front where they were suppose to do security checks and apparently, body checks before you enter the Taylor Swift Malaysia concert.

With (I thnk) 4 security staff, they were overwhelmed by the rush of people wanting to go in soonest. At this point, bag checks were almost out of the question.

But that wasn’t the worst I’d say. Once through that checkpoint and up a stairs, only thing standing between a huge mob of fans and the 2 staff in charge of collecting tickets is the glass door of the stadium. -_-!!! To make matters even worst, there’s a large area before the glass doors for the mob to group like zombies.

Red - crowd / Blue - security & staff
Red – crowd / Blue – security & staff

Some morons who made their way up the stairs tried to find any way they could to squeeze nearer to the doors making the crowd control worst. Also, you have inconsiderate imbeciles who started pushing from the back.

And all the staff could do whilst hiding by the doors inside was shout, “Don’t push. Or we’ll not take your tickets.” *facepalm* I guess they didn’t consider that the ones pushing were behind and telling that message from the inside of the door wouldn’t reach the outer ring of people who were pushing.

Taylor Swift Malaysia concert made up for it

Once seated inside comortably, it was another round of waiting at least with some air cond now.

Less than 50% full until opening act
Less than 50% full until opening act

After “singing” the national anthem, listening to some local band (I couldn’t hear their name clearly), waiting and it started.

Though her stage here isn’t as detailed like Super Junior, she had a wardrobe which could wow the fans on the ground. On top of that, she tried to give as much contact to the fans while her security controlled the many reaching hands.

Interesting observation. Mobile phone recording wasn’t prevented during the show. I even noticed a fan whip out a prosumer camera. Kind of made me wondered whether it was because the management and artiste didn’t mind the fans doing so.

Well, one thing I really liked about Taylor’s performance was when she performed, it felt very authentic.

It’s like when you’re comfortable with someone, you can be yourself – the real character inside. This was the feeling I felt and it drew me more into her performance.

Overall, I’m glad I came for the Taylor Swift Malaysia concert and discovered the real Taylor Swift.


The Xiaomi Malaysia rush

If you’ve not heard the mention of Xiaomi or the rage of thousands of fans on their Facebook page when they were unable to make their purchases via the online store…my friend, where have you been?!

Who is this Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is a privately owned electronics company who happens to manufacture smartphones in China. They penetrated the Malaysia market only in May 2014 and off the bat teased consumers with their online sales strategy.

What rush are you talking about?

Xiaomi Malaysia decided to release only limited quantities of their Mi3 smartphone and 10,400 mAh powerbanks via their online store. They sold like hot cakes in 17 minutes!

And the cakes became sold out even faster (15 minutes) when they brought in another batch of limited quantities.

The above batch was the 1st time in my life I had actually joined such an online sale where you’re at the edge of your seat, just to be sure you may be 1 of the few to complete the order successfully.

Though my aim was the powerbank, I found it quickly had been sold out. Then when I happened to check whether the Mi3 smartphone was still available, it was! For that 10-20 seconds, I was stuck between the decision of being a hero to just buy it or, leave it.

Knowing that scalpers are gunning to make a profit versus owners who truly wanted the device, I decided to purchase the Mi3 with hopes someone I know personally may want it.

Xiaomi Mi3 package
Xiaomi Mi3 package

And yes, I had 1 friend who knew someone who really needed it. Lucky fellow is enjoying the new Xiaomi Mi3 now. :)

Back to the Xiaomi Malaysia rush. They didn’t stop there, many fans were still raging that they couldn’t complete their orders in time. So what happened was Xiaomi Malaysia did a sale only for their 10,400mAh powerbanks – which was nuts.

In less than 2 minutes, it was sold out online when the product was made available to the Malaysian consumers. -_-

I also took part in this round of sales, but browsed away empty handed this time because I was too greedy.

Too greedy thinking of the additional 4 units I wanted to buy at the same time for my other friends whom I know wanted it. And that had been my biggest flaw here. I could’ve completed my order of 2 units (maximum per person) first, then make the roundabout but I didn’t.

By the time I made the roundabout, I saw the infamous rabbit telling me all powerbank units had been sold out. T_T And to make matters worst, my 2 units were still in the shopping cart. *wails*

Must know before joining the Xiaomi Malaysia online sale

From this experience, I picked up a few tips you must know before you join the next sale tomorrow for the 10,400mAh and 5,200mAh powerbanks.

  1. MUST have very fast internet (mine’s 20Mbps)
  2. Create free Xiaomi Malaysia online store account.
  3. Login to your account 5-10 minutes before the sale.
  4. Complete your own order first to avoid personal disappointment, like myself above.

Another tip shared by a fan was to activate the browser’s autocomplete. However, know that this will only work for you if you’ve used the autocomplete before, after activating it.

You can start preparing for the next rush – tomorrow.

Should I buy the 10,400mAh or 5,200mAh?

Well, here are the pros and cons between the 2 models for me.

Description / Capacity 10,400mAh 5,200mAh
Weight Around 250g Around 155g
Output current 2.1A 1.5A

The bigger the capacity, the heavier it is. But the bigger capacity, has a higher output – resulting in possible faster charging rates. However, 1.5A is sufficient to save the day when your car dies and your phone is down to the last percent after texting while driving.

My recommendation is think of how will you use the powerbank. If you’re carrying it everywhere, lighter would be better. If you’re storing it in a fixed place, then bigger capacity is better. If you don’t mind carrying the additional 250grams around, then the bigger capacity will be a winner. Capiche?

Good luck for tomorrow! *thumbs*

Updated June 10, 2014

The 10,400mAh units were sold out much faster than the 5,200mAh units. My observation was the bigger capacity sold out within the first 1-2 minutes.

And I have average sized hands!

Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

A couple of friends and us went over to a new pizza place in Bangsar called; Mikey’s Original New York Pizza. Besides the usual horrid need to find a parking space along the Telawi road, a queue had already formed waiting for tables.

View from outside Mikey's Original New York Pizza
View from outside Mikey’s Original New York Pizza

I’m not sure if the dude on the right was the manager or owner because he chatted up patrons and asked them if everything was alright.

Anyway, once we were seated at a table, we took a good look at the menu to decide on what pizzas to order. You may want to note earlier that a slice of pizza is bigger than your average Dominoes / Pizza Hut / Papa John’s, in addition, a whole pie is 18″ (1-8-inches).

And I have average sized hands!
And I have an average sized hand!

The pizza flavors were really good. My favourite was the one with some blue cheese. It went really well with the tomato base of the pizza.

If you’re craving for something spicy, the 9-1-1 is no joke if you eat a lot of it. However, I wouldn’t say the same for you crazy fellows who eat “cili padi” like nobody’s business.

The place features an open kitchen concept and we were nicely seated in a location where we could see into it. Behind the scenes, we could see the main chef whipping the pizzas and the number of helpers moving about.

Open kitchen
Open kitchen

Overall, you’d expect to spend around MYR 15 +/- for a slice and MYR 80 +/- for a whole pizza pie. You can say it’s worth the money for now, until you’ve tried all of it. Though I would be looking forward to more flavours to come to keep our taste buds tingling for more.

P.S.: They also do deliveries – not sure how far. :P

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 04

Achievement unlocked: Standing desk

I’ve been meaning to convert my current IKEA desk to a standing desk this year, so I finally decided to do it today. Maybe I became self-motivated after the whole Walter Mitty experience. LOL!

Previous desk
Previous desk

Kinda messy as it is, I’ve had this IKEA desk for more than 4 years now I think. And actually if you look to the left, you’ll see a stick poking out from the side – just above the printer. That was my marker from last night so I’d know how high to raise my desk.

One of the thoughts I did have while measuring was the top shelf may have to go because according to the standing desk principal, your eyesight should be just about the near top of you monitor. But anyway, I can think about what to do with the shelf later.

Just like new
Just like new

After clearing the area and thinking I could do this myself, I stumbled on another thought. If I flipped my top shelf like above, I could mount stuff there. Hmm…

So anyway, I had to ask Ariel for help in the end because it was easier to dismantle the desk and build it back.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 03

Not long after, we assembled the desk again and I decided to move the top shelf to the lower portion. I wanted to have space beneath the desk so when it came to vaccuming or mopping, the wires or stuff on the floor wouldn’t get in the way.

A small setback for the desktop machine though, its feet isn’t sitting on the shelf because it wasn’t deep enough. However, it’s a small matter since my desktop machine doesn’t have an exhaust at the bottom of the casing.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 04
Bring on Monday!

The one other thing I’m considering is a mat to complete the standing desk setup – read somewhere the mat is to help relieve pressure on your heels, back and legs.

So that’s a strike-through 1 of my goals this year. Woot!

20140212 - vday i heart u 007

How to surprise your girlfriend or wife on Valentines Day

Okay, so Valentine’s Day had passed and I’ve been meaning to publish this to not only write about the recent surprise I gave the wifey, but I also thought maybe I could write something on how to possibly surprise your other half – maybe for next year.

Valentine’s Day 2014

It’s not every year, on this very day, I’d give her a surprise. Because after all, some ladies prefer random surprises instead.

Anyway, this year I had an idea come to mind when I was looking at the windows in my room. I wanted to create a cutout message which she’d find when opening the curtains in the morning.

Having this thought in mind, I started thinking of wrapping paper, one with polka dots (in my room) because by cutting the holes in accordance to the dots, it could at as a guide for me to craft my message. Now, because I couldn’t use the existing paper, otherwise she’d notice it missing, I went out shopping.

Bought from Daiso
Bought from Daiso

I managed to find the polka dot paper I wanted, along with the cutely shaped hole puncher from Daiso. Feeling good about the plan coming along, I soon faced a predicament.

The hole puncher couldn’t be used because it wouldn’t be reachable towards the inner area of the paper – even if I did this letter by letter. T_T

So I was left without other options but to cut the shapes manually by creasing the paper and cutting the shapes. Yes, all those hearts had to be manually cut. Though I later noticed I misjudged the spacing between the dots for 1 of the characters – it made a bigger hole. -_-!

To be honest, the idea was much more grander in my head before I actually started doing it. From a longer message, I had to cut it to 3 characters though the fun part was coming – the surprise.

Testing out the idea
Testing out the idea

You see, we normally close the curtains at night and open them again in the morning. And I couldn’t stick the message at night because she’d be home from work. So, too excited that night about this scheme, my body automatically woke me up at 3am.

In the middle of the night, like a creative madman, I got out of bed and sneakily pasted the message on the window behind the curtains. Though I had to be careful to not rustle the curtains too much otherwise it might wake her. But, sticking was a success! :D

The first surprise was pulled off and my heart could finally beat calmly for a few seconds. Oh, and I actually prepared a 2nd surprise while in the night – hidden bookmark in between her book which she uses during 1 of her classes the following day. *grin*

Alas, 2nd plan didn’t turn out as planned as well because she decided to skip class. Nonetheless, it was still a fun project and she did find the bookmark in the end.