The Fabulous Kumar in KL

I’m glad that comedy is bringing the family close again. Although I think my Dad’s going to compare all comedians now with Russell Peters. LOL! I mean I’m not saying when Russell Peters did a show in Malaysia, it set the bar too high, but y’ know, it’s Russell Peters.

Getting on with the show

TicketPro were the same event company managing the Russell Peters show. However, in Kumar’s show I noticed they were very lax. During the Russell Peters show, I wrote about how they had so many guards aiming their light strobing seizure inducing flashlights at you if you tried to take a picture. However, it was a 360 during Kumar’s show.

The other thing me and a friend whom I bumped into said was, booking for this show was not very well done. Unlike Russell Peter’s where you could see the row and if I recall, whether it’s a higher level, we couldn’t tell from the Kumar seating plan. What’s up with that?!

Stage set looks awfully familiar, no?

Thankfully, though seated on the higher level, we got seats near the balcony. Plus, sound system was well done that you could hear the jokes clearly.

Malaysia versus Singapore

Emceeing was JD from MixFM and it was very noticeable when you’re at an event and sponsors have said, “you must tell everyone who brought this event to them”. Phbt.

So anyway, we had 2 Malaysian comedians warm up the crowd. Both of which, me and Ariel had seen them in action during the Ministry of Humour – Kavin Jay and Dr.Jason Leong. This time, their acts seemed much better than when we first saw them. *shrug*

Then, when the big kahuna, of course not in size, came onto the stage, Kumar wasted no time hitting off the jokes. He banged everyone from JD, Kavin, Jason and even, the DJ. LOL!

JD, Kavin Jay, Kumar and Dr.Jason Leong

She should’ve stayed at home

In front of us, I noticed a couple. The guy seemed entertained with the jokes thrown by the comedians. However, little could be said about his girl friend. It looked like she didn’t have a sense of humour or she had too much trouble following the jokes. Simply because she kept leaning and whispering into his ear, like “dear, what does he mean ar?” “dear, bla bla bla bla…” -_-!!!

Anyway, let’s wrap this up. Kumar’s jokes to me were made from the experiences he encountered mixed with research done. Although my Dad said Russell Peters was better, I found Kumar’s jokes equally entertaining. On the other hand, when Kumar injects Tamil, I’m temporarily idle. LOL!

But like he said, if you don’t get it, just forget it. đŸ˜›

10 thoughts on “The Fabulous Kumar in KL”

  1. I think before going to the show the girl should have youtubed Kumar. Omg he is hilarious! Though more vulgar I would say. Did he tone it down for the Malaysian audience?

  2. last year saw his performance in Singapore. Pretty short but I love it whenever he dress up as a drag queen. He usually perform every Saturday night @ Holland Village if I’m not mistaken đŸ˜‰

  3. I had that when I was choosing seats (can’t see the layout) for STOMP! I think it’s just the Plenary Hall people đŸ˜› If you buy tickets in person at the outlets still okay one.

    Didn’t see Russell Peters cos I was out of town and I didn’t see Kumar cos I’m saving for a trip down south.

    1. Needed Uncle Google’s help to decipher the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) LOL! Well, I’ve not experienced the sale before as I’d probably be spending during Anime Festival period.

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