Zee Avi Live in Kuala Lumpur at KL Life Centre

I just got back from the Zee Avi concert after having to satisfy my temperament hunger. It was pure sultry sounds and she was simply awesome. I’ll leave you with a teaser for now.


Coming up are more photos during the performance. And some videos of her and the Malaysian crowd giving their full support by singing along. It was excellent I tell you.

Thank God I’m not a football-holic. πŸ˜›

The full concert coverage with photos and videos has been published; welcome home, Zee.

St Patrick’s Day with Guinness at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama

This was my first St Patrick’s Day celebration. The only other time I’ve heard of the event was from friends telling me how they were rolling about crazily in a zorb ball and downing Guinness with others.

And it really seemed St Patrick’s Day was an event you’re most likely to bump into friends and make more friends. Plus, the ladies at the event were hot! Whoever said there weren’t any hot chics who didn’t drink Guinness. πŸ˜›

Some new stage performances I heard was from Damage Hamster and another before Love Me Butch came on. I was still having the flu, so I left before Love Me Butch appeared. But I bet everyone who was still sitting under the drizzle were having an awesome time with their draft.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Here are the selected shots of the event. Click for larger version.

At the event, I also met my collegemate Veron. Told you it’s easy to bump into old friends there. πŸ™‚


If it weren’t for the flu, I’d definitely wanted to grab a bite from one of the stores at the food garden. There was just so much to taste. And all I could do was smell ’em. Damn sore throat.

Oh well, I guess it’s better luck next year. So here I end my celebration of St Patrick’s Day at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama with the fireworks video.

p.s.: Shot using my ol iPhone 2G. So don’t expect HD material. πŸ˜›

May’N Big Wave Asia Tour in Malaysia

The last concert I attended was Linkin Park in Kuala Lumpur, Yes, they were here before our smart *sses banned them. The other so-called concert I went for was Bunkface at Yahoo Youreka.

And this year, I started it of with May’N Big Wave (Waaaaave!!) Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was lucky and fast enough to win a pair of free tickets from Nuffnang.

The concert was held at the KL Life Centre. The same place Bunkface performed and the same place I pay RM9.00 phreaking bucks for parking. Bleh.

Anywho, when I reached the place at 6:00pm a line already had formed! From the top all the way to the ground floor with a turn to the back of the building. I didn’t seriously expect to find this many fans. LOL!

While waiting, we were all asked if we wanted to purchase glow sticks (RM5 each) and the official tour t-shirt (RM48). Then by around 7:05pm, the line started filling up the venue.


The show was only starting at 8:00pm. So what do you do to kill time with a bunch of friends? You form a May’N glow stick signage on the floor.


Some of the photographers in the media box came out for a quick snap too. One of them I know is from the LowYat website. Talk about how fans can really pull the media out of their boxes. πŸ˜‰

As the lights dimmed, the crowd cheered on May’N and her dancers. This was definitely where my iPhone can only deliver so much quality in low-lighting.


The performance really rocked the room with huge bass sounds and near deafening pitches. Personally, I felt the music was a little too loud and it drowned out some vocals. But May’N definitely had lots of fun on stage with the Malaysian audience.


She shone like a star – literally. Really loved what the iPhone did on its own for this shot.

And as much as I’d have liked to photograph with my gear, the concert had a strict policy of no photography and video recording. Someone on the floor was caught and pulled out from the crowd for this.

Well, I still find it silly for event organizers to disallow photography. Because at Β nearly every corner, there’ll be someone with a DSLR – even a kid.

I told my friend on the way back, the organizers or management could have a clause not preventing photography but strictly warning against selling of these images or causing damage of the artiste’s image.

Right now, a DSLR is in very high demand and affordable. Couple it with a bunch of social media enthusiasts, you’ll have a long tail of publicity not only of the event but the artiste. Us, (bloggers) get pictures for our posts and keepsake. Win-win.

Oh well, I’m definitely looking forward for more Japanese artistes down here. So, when’s FLO, bump of chicken, Orange Range and others coming down?! I want a media pass! πŸ˜€

At the event, I also found Dustyhawk, Valho (I think) and Fapping Cat.

Nuffnang Astro B.yond Bloggers Night

It was a night of food, games, prizes, bloggers and friends in High Definition at the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night which was held at Modestos, Sri Hartamas. Emceeing the night was Deal or No Deal host; Non.

Emcee Non

The night kicked off with the introduction of Henry Tan; Chief Operating Officer, Astro. He was telling us about the expectations and excitement of what’s to come from the new Astro B.yond. Bringing a whole new experience in high definition.

Henry Tan (Chief Operating Office, Astro)

We were then treated to the premiere of the Astro B.yond TV commercial in High Definition for Astro B.yond. I couldn’t really see much of the details at the beginning but when it came to shattering glass and rich colors of the fauna, man, it looked good!

Plus, some interesting facts about the commercial is it’s the longest Malaysian television commercial in history at approximately 2.30 minutes. Can’t imagine how much that’ll cost in air time. LOL! Oh, and it even supports Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound baby!

Part of the promotional segment also had selected bloggers of the Nuffnang community sharing their views and expectations of watching TV in High Definition. One of them was none other than infamous; saimatkong.

Saimatkong ar

After this segment, it was all about feeding the hungry bloggers. I was partially starving at the point and thank goodness, they even had mutton to munch on.

Food spread buffet style

While dining we were entertained by pole dancers a lively band with one of them being a collegemate of mine back in the old Lim Kok Wing days. The music was traditional with a modern tune and upbeat to keep your ears and heart thumping to the beat.

Thumbp thump thump

Keeping the lively blogger spirit at the party, everyone was invited to play the game nearly similar to Cluedo. It was to seek out a murderer among us based on the clues plastered everywhere. Managing this challenge was Nuffie Robb and Huai Bin (Sixtheseal).

Robb and Huai Bin doing their thing

There were 20 teams comprising 4 members each hunting all around the club with tiny magnifying glasses to analyze clues. Once that was done, they competed to win the 32″ LG HDTV and 1 year free subscription to Astro’s B.yond experience. Here’s the winning team with the person who walked away with the prize holding the “Winner” sign.

Winning team or better known as "porkgang"

While at the party, I also bumped into a number of celebrity bloggers like RedMummy, Cheesie and fourfeetnine.

Fourfeetnine, Redmummy, Cheesie

Next time, I’ve got to place myself in photos like this. And here’s a shot of Saimatkong with another friend of mine; Chong.

View all the photos taken during the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night at my photography blog; Cameranoob.

And by the way, don’t be shy because all the pictures above have larger versions. πŸ˜‰