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20140420-ikea-standing-desk 04

Achievement unlocked: Standing desk

I’ve been meaning to convert my current IKEA desk to a standing desk this year, so I finally decided to do it today. Maybe I became self-motivated after the whole Walter Mitty experience. LOL!

Previous desk
Previous desk

Kinda messy as it is, I’ve had this IKEA desk for more than 4 years now I think. And actually if you look to the left, you’ll see a stick poking out from the side – just above the printer. That was my marker from last night so I’d know how high to raise my desk.

One of the thoughts I did have while measuring was the top shelf may have to go because according to the standing desk principal, your eyesight should be just about the near top of you monitor. But anyway, I can think about what to do with the shelf later.

Just like new
Just like new

After clearing the area and thinking I could do this myself, I stumbled on another thought. If I flipped my top shelf like above, I could mount stuff there. Hmm…

So anyway, I had to ask Ariel for help in the end because it was easier to dismantle the desk and build it back.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 03

Not long after, we assembled the desk again and I decided to move the top shelf to the lower portion. I wanted to have space beneath the desk so when it came to vaccuming or mopping, the wires or stuff on the floor wouldn’t get in the way.

A small setback for the desktop machine though, its feet isn’t sitting on the shelf because it wasn’t deep enough. However, it’s a small matter since my desktop machine doesn’t have an exhaust at the bottom of the casing.

20140420-ikea-standing-desk 04
Bring on Monday!

The one other thing I’m considering is a mat to complete the standing desk setup – read somewhere the mat is to help relieve pressure on your heels, back and legs.

So that’s a strike-through 1 of my goals this year. Woot!


The secret life of Walter Mitty

I really loved this movie. And yes, I finally watched it.

Not only because I could kind of relate to Walter spacing out, but it motivated me to take action. As Ariel said to me, it had a very “up and go” feel and I have to agree.

Sometimes we ponder too much on things or over think and we come to a conclusion which we may not have accepted in the end. Walter reminded me there is no harm to take a chance or as one poster wrote “take a leap”.

Live life a little from time to time because you may not know how or where it may take you.

While there’s life, there’s hope.

20140212 - vday i heart u 007

How to surprise your girlfriend or wife on Valentines Day

Okay, so Valentine’s Day had passed and I’ve been meaning to publish this to not only write about the recent surprise I gave the wifey, but I also thought maybe I could write something on how to possibly surprise your other half – maybe for next year.

Valentine’s Day 2014

It’s not every year, on this very day, I’d give her a surprise. Because after all, some ladies prefer random surprises instead.

Anyway, this year I had an idea come to mind when I was looking at the windows in my room. I wanted to create a cutout message which she’d find when opening the curtains in the morning.

Having this thought in mind, I started thinking of wrapping paper, one with polka dots (in my room) because by cutting the holes in accordance to the dots, it could at as a guide for me to craft my message. Now, because I couldn’t use the existing paper, otherwise she’d notice it missing, I went out shopping.

Bought from Daiso
Bought from Daiso

I managed to find the polka dot paper I wanted, along with the cutely shaped hole puncher from Daiso. Feeling good about the plan coming along, I soon faced a predicament.

The hole puncher couldn’t be used because it wouldn’t be reachable towards the inner area of the paper – even if I did this letter by letter. T_T

So I was left without other options but to cut the shapes manually by creasing the paper and cutting the shapes. Yes, all those hearts had to be manually cut. Though I later noticed I misjudged the spacing between the dots for 1 of the characters – it made a bigger hole. -_-!

To be honest, the idea was much more grander in my head before I actually started doing it. From a longer message, I had to cut it to 3 characters though the fun part was coming – the surprise.

Testing out the idea
Testing out the idea

You see, we normally close the curtains at night and open them again in the morning. And I couldn’t stick the message at night because she’d be home from work. So, too excited that night about this scheme, my body automatically woke me up at 3am.

In the middle of the night, like a creative madman, I got out of bed and sneakily pasted the message on the window behind the curtains. Though I had to be careful to not rustle the curtains too much otherwise it might wake her. But, sticking was a success! :D

The first surprise was pulled off and my heart could finally beat calmly for a few seconds. Oh, and I actually prepared a 2nd surprise while in the night – hidden bookmark in between her book which she uses during 1 of her classes the following day. *grin*

Alas, 2nd plan didn’t turn out as planned as well because she decided to skip class. Nonetheless, it was still a fun project and she did find the bookmark in the end.


Everything is AWESOME

When I first heard about the LEGO movie, I really had no expectations of it and jumped to the conclusion it was a movie for kids. Boy, was I wrong.

I liked the script for the movie because of all the jokes they managed to pack into it. Sure, some of them may have sounded slapstick but hey, it’s a LEGO movie. So chill out and enjoy.

And if you’ve read my article on Frozen, you’d know the music in a movie to me plays a large role in making it good. Though this movie had more environmentally filling tunes, there will be without a doubt 1 song you will not be able to help yourself, but feel happy later.

Wrapping this up. The movie was really really well done. LEGO managed to rekindle the magic of my memories playing with it and I loved the simple message; allow imagination to be free. Ooh ooh…and I was really curious how much of the movie was animated and how much stop motion was shot because (yes, everything was awesome) the render was so near to the actual LEGO tile!


Meet thy neighbour

Here’s a little back story of thy neighbour. At one time, when they moved in to our neighbourhood not too long ago, their car was jacked from their house in the wee hours of the night. What enslued after was unexpected, because I heard they blamed us for our sturdily built garbage can holder made of brick outside our house, which they suspect aided the thief to steal their vehicle. (-_-)

Then on a previous festival day, thy neighbour wanted to party with their friends which we’re cool with it. However, because thy neighbour needed to extend their property onto the road like the big fiestas and thy neighbour’s fortress is located beside ours, naturally the traffic flow in front of our quarters was affected as well – which we understood.

But we had no phreaking idea thy neighbour was to allow their kin to park their chariots so near their blasted tent as though they owned the stretch of the road. (-_-)!

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right?

After that, my side had a talk with thy neighbour to express our concerns of such arrangement. Though I wasn’t present at those times, I heard discussions somewhat broke down and soon became drama, as if the gangs of east side and west side weren’t happy of neither crossing their borders boundaries.

And becase I’ve not directly faced thy neighbour since they moved in, I had always given them the benefit of the doubt…until the siesta happened this year again.

Thy neighbour couldn’t be that bad…right? right?

So I decided to walk over and have a talk with thy neighbour about what I observed previously with their kins chariots. And boy, I had never thought for someone you met for the first time, impressions of them could drop so low, as if they only saw you as the enemy.

All I wanted to do was talk to thy neighbour and share my past observation as well as concern. Plus, because I’ve not met thy neighbour in person, I was hopeful they’d at least be friendly to hear me out.

But all thy neighbour felt was the scorn of my presence when they came out to meet me. So much so, thy neigbour interrupted me in the middle of my expression and just went “so…what is the point you’re trying to tell me?” (-_-)!!

So I jumped to the part of the chariots and all thy neighbour said back was “excuse me, it’s chinese new year…be reasoanble…if my friends wish to park their cars there, why can’t they…they’re not blocking your entrance right?!” (-_-)!!!

If you were with me at the time, you would see the eyes of thy neighbour who only had frustration and chaos awaiting to be unleashed from the fiery hell.

Credits to PSDte
Credits to PSDtech

It was no longer a talk nor discussion with thy neighbour, but a debate only wanting to be won. And though it wasn’t enough for thy neighbour to throw their statements, the next remark directed to me was one which aggravated me a little but still appauling.

“Young man…don’t be unreasonable…” (-_-)!!!!!!!!


However, calmly taking the earful, I only responded back by saying “so if there were cars blocking, could you tell them to move?”

Though thy neighbour agreed, it was with a body language so hostile it only could have been screaming “fuck off”.

So I walked away after that with my own pent up disappointment and slight anger. It is Chinese New Year after all, you don’t need to spoil it for me either. And as my mind calmed, I thought about a lesson learned from this.

Regardless of who they are, if you are meeting them for the first time, you will want to maintain a friendly demeanour.

Otherwise, karma is going to be a bitch.